Bowlby's theory of attachment

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Bowlby's theory of attachment

Key ideas:

  • Attachment is an innate process, designed to maintain proximity. It evolved to ensure protection and increase survival.
  • Early attachment is monotropic and is qualitively different from other attachments
  • Sensitive Period: up to 2.5 years for the formation
  • The relationship with the mother figure is the template for future relationships. It provides the child with an internal working model (the continuity hypothesis)
  • Early attachment affects cognitive development as it provides a secure basis for exploration.

Key words:

  • Survival: we have an inbuilt, biological attachment aim. Survival of a child is important to the mother (evoluton: to pass on genes)
  • Biological/Evolutionary:to seek out parents. Babies look like their father so they know it's theirs to look after. Some animals imprint (chicks) we are more emotional but same


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