Born Yesterday

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Born Yesterday

·         Love from godparent/familial love

·         Written at birth of the child

·         Daughter of Kingsley Amis – written for her

·         Point: to look at life and think what the future holds, what the narrator wishes for her

·         If blessed in one area – beautiful, talented wishes nothing too remarkable for her life to be balanced/healthy

·         Unique – not usual things, original suggests thoughtful, loving tone

·         Bleak tone, alternatively loving tone

·         Greater inequality – older adult and very innocent child about to start life – contrasts to other poems where more equal

·         Title: sarcastic tone, literally child been born shows innocence, naivety of world

·         COMPARISON: similar to praise song, sonnet 43, written for somebody specific

·         Line 1: Tightly – folded bud

-          Metaphor for youth

-          ‘bud’ not yet blossomed, same way baby has just been born ‘bud’ suggests potential, optimistic way

-          Sensuous language ‘tightly folded’ not opened full yet

-          Opening with natural imagery

·         Line 2: I have wished you something

-          ‘you’ addressing her directly

-          Different, traditional

·         Line 3: None of the others would

-          Separating himself suggests going to be different, altering the tone

·         Line 4/5: Not the usual stuff about being beautiful

-          Conversational ‘usual stuff’ colloquial language

-          Not wishing for superficial features

-          Alliteration ‘being beautiful’ emphasises that being beautiful is


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