Book 4

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BOOK 4- Revision



Lines 1-53                  


For a long time Dido had been in love, ever since the banquet. (Her son cupid had  disguised

himself as Ascanius).

Dido was impressed by Aeneas:

          his bravery

          his looks

         the fame of his family


         Dido told Anna her sister that she believed Aeneas was the son of a god

         Dido was determined she would never marry again

         She would remain faithful to the memory of her dead husband Sychaeus

         But Aeneas was the first man who had ever made her want to break that promise

Anna said:

        Why waste your youth in sorrow and loneliness?

         Why go through life without love or children?

         Do you think a ghost in a tomb cares what you do?


There are good reasons for you to marry:

  1.  You are surrounded by chieftains who are unfriendly
  2.  There is the possibility of war with Tyre and your brother Pygmalion
  3.  You need a husband like Aeneas at your side to help you
  4. If the Tyrians and the Trojans unite, what a great empire will arise in Carthage!

Anna advisesd Dido to ask the gods for their help and make offerings to them.

Lines 54-89                


         What Anna said helped Dido overcome her conscience

         She made sacrifices to the gods, and especially to Juno the goddess of marriage

         Dido was like a deer in a wood who has been wounded by an arrow

         The hunter who shot the arrow doesn’t even know he has wounded the deer.

         Dido became obsessed with Aeneas

         At night, when she was alone, she could see and hear Aeneas even though he was not there

         The work on Carthage ground to a halt

         Because she was in love Dido was no longer doing her duty as a queen.

Lines 90-128               The scene changes to Olympus, home of the gods.  Juno suggests a truce:  let Aeneas marry Dido and have Carthage as her dowry.


Juno said to Venus:


Ø  Let us arrange a marriage between Aeneas and Dido.

Ø  Dido is in love with Aeneas

Ø  Let us govern a united people between us

·         Venus understood that Juno only said all this because she wanted to keep the Trojans from Italy.

·         Venus agreed to the plan

·         Dido and Aeneas would be married the next day when they go out together hunting. Juno will raise a storm and Dido and Aeneas will find shelter in the same cave.  There they will be ‘married’.

Lines 129- 172            The hunting party assembles at dawn. 


         The Carthaginians poured out of the palace, ready for the hunt

          Dido took her time getting ready, but eventually emerged from her room

          She was…


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