Bonding- Ionic Bonding

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Ions are formed when electrons are transferred/lost/gained to achieve a full electron configuration and full outer shell.

Na-> Na+ +electron

Cl + electron-> Cl-

Group 1 and 2 loses electrons and forms: +1/+2 ions

Group 6 and 7 gains electrons and forms: -2/-1 ions

Compound ions are ions made up of groups of atoms with an overall charge. Examples of compound ions:


Image result for COMPOUND ION AND FORMULA you only need to know ammonium, carbonate, hydroxide, nitrate, sulfate.

Ionic compounds have positive and negative ions, which are held with strong electrostatic forces in a lattice (regular) structure- This is ionic bonding.

e.g. Sodium chloride (NaCl) has Na+ and Cl- and the overall charge of the


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