Bocchiaro et al.'s experiment into disobedience towards unjust authority (BRIEF)

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-The experiment was inspired by Milgram's study but they noted that Milgram's study did not look much into disobediance and one of the aims of the experiment was to learn more about that.

-Bocchiaro explored whistle-blowing which had not been researched much.

Aim- To investigate the rates of obediance,disobediance and whistle-blowing.


-Unlike Milgram's study, Bocchiaro included eight pilot studies in order to prove the procedure was both credible and ethically acceptable.The studies consisted of a total of 92 participants. 

-All participants were undergraduate students from the VU University of Amsterdam(96 women and 53 men).

-The participants were aquaired by form of flyers posted in the university cafeteria.

-138 participants were also survyed about how they thought they would respond in


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