BloodBrothers-Act1 Notes

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  • "Blood brothers" tells the terible tale of two brothers seperated at birth.
  • the music commences with overture, and lighting that creates the atmosphere of the smoky city of liverpool at night.
  • we are first introduced to Mrs Jhonstone, who describes her appearance of a half hearted marriage and the arival of numerous children. she explains about her husband deserting her, having no money even though the cost of living is on the rise and expecting twins!
  • we see the social contrast between Mrs Jhonstone's home and the home of which she cleans, the home of Mr and Mrs Lyons.
  • Mrs Jonstone's home is full of the constant clamour (noise) of childhood games and battles-Mrs Lyons is left alone while her husband is away on buisness. her home is perfect and wealthy, but it's cold and sterile.
  • Mrs Lyons is lonely and can't have any children. she desperatley persuades Mrs Jhonstone into giving…


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