Blood Tests

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Taking a blood sample

  • Tie a tourniquet around the arm to make the vein stand out
  • Clean the area with an alcohol wipe 
  • Push a sterile needle into the vein
  • Pull back the plungler, blood is sucked into the syringe 
  • Remove the needle when necessary amount of blood is taken 
  • Hold a ball of cotton on the wound 
  • Apply a dressing 

Making and Staining a blood film 

  • Place a small drop of blood near the end of a clean slide 
  • Use another slide at a 30 degree angle to spread the blood, making a smear 
  • Allow the slide to air dry 
  • Fix the slide with alcohol (methanol), which perserves the cells 
  • Stain the slide with leishmanns stain 
  • Wash the stain off with water 

Key Definition

A differential stain makes some structures appear darker or a different


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