Blood Brothers

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  • No money for milk man
  • The kids are starving
  • "living one the never never"
  • No money to pay for the things bought out the catalouge
  • "havn't got a hat to tilt at the world"
  • Free school lunches


  • "He's a poshy "
  • Sweet sharing
  • "Your not the same as him"
  • Social class keeps them apart splits them and kills them (Mickey and Edward)
  • Police man isn't nice to Mrs J but is nice to Mr L
  • Families

Mental illness-

  •  Mickey needs the pills (act 2) for his depresssion
  • Mrs L has metal issuse incase the brothers find out the are brothers or incase Mr L finds out the truth/ she can't cope
  • Mrs L tries to kill Mrs J

Relationships between men and women-

  • Mickey loves Linda
  • Edward also love Linda
  • Mr J…


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