Blood Brothers

  • "Pay up today...or i'll be forced to cut off your deliveries"-Milkman. Shows poor and struggles to get by. Other quotes to supoport it: "free dinners", "I'm starvin, an theres nothin in". "Just scrape by"- talking to the gynaecologist on hvaing twins.
  • " Hello, Mrs jonhstone how are you" - Mrs Lyons. Showsvery welcoming towards Mrs Johnstone however also shows her upbringing that she is used to being polite. May also show she is talking down to Mrs Johnstone she begins the converation.
  • "Back on me feet and workin' the next day"-Mrs Johnstone. Shows wroking class and used to it by now. But could also show she has to go back straight away becuse of the bills.
  • "New shoes on the table, take them off"- Supersition is a theme througout the play. Other superstions mentioned " joker in the pack", "salts been spilled", "looking glass cracked" and "one lone magpie overhead"
  • "Give one to me"-Mrs Lyons
  • "You're being threated by the welfare", How can you possibly avoid some of them being put to care", "You'd be able to see him everyday"- Mrs Lyons. Shows manipulating Mrs Johnstone into giving her a baby. It also shows a…


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