Black civil rights

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Linda brown is Oliver Brown's 8 year old daughter from the toe peak a board of education versus Brown case, 1954.

National association for the advancement of coloured people in short N A A C P was established in 1909 in New York. N A A C P was the centre stage of ***** protest. Its main emphasis was on law and constitutional rights.

The Ku Klux Klan known as the K K K was an extremely racist white supremist group symbolised with white robes, pointed hoods and burning crosses. Began in mid 1860's when former confederate soldiers formed a secret society to protect white southerners from newly freed slaves.

Rosa Parks on the first of december boarded a bus in Montgomery. the driver demanded Rosa to get up but she refused.

Rev Doctor Martin Luther King Junior was a pastor of dexter avenue baptist church, montgomery, Alabama. he was a major leader in the civil rights movement and his non violent protest philosophy was used.

Rev Ralph Abernathy was a leader of the mongomery bus boycott and he was one of the first passengers on a desegregated montgomery bus at 5.55am on the 21st December 1956.

Montgomery Improvement assosiation known as M I A was created especially for the extended action of the montgomery bus boycott. Martin Luther King was the president.

Women's political council known as W P C was an organisation to first offically call for a boycottof the bus system during the mongomery bus boycott. It was formed in 1946.

Southern Christian Leadership conference kown as S C L C worked mainly in the south and nearby border states. They ran leadership programmes, voter registration drives and were advisors in the protests.

Student non violent coordinating committee known as S N C C or snick organised non violent direct action such as freedom rides. Emerged out of school students sit ins in 1960. They were centered on lunch counter discrimination. By 1963 snick had joined other…


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