Bismarck's Germany

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The German Constitution:

  • the second German Empire was proclaimed 18th January 1871 at the palace of Versailes
  • the constitution was based on the North German one:
    - Germany were to be a federal state
    - power shall be divided between the central government and 25 states
    - each state had their own constitution, ruler/leader and parliament
  • over 60% of the population were Prussian
  • Prussia owned 2/3 of the territory and they had 235 deputies in the Reichstag out of 397

Bismarck: Imperial Chancellor:

  • his influence over William I meant that he had a strong position which he exploited
  • he controlled the secretaries of state making sure they didn't consult the Emperor without his knowing
  • although he had a tight grip on foreign and domestic policies, there was some limitations;
    - Germany was a federal state therefore reducing his influence
    - his long absences from Berlin and poor health meant he couldn't make general decisions

Weakness of Reichstag:

  • Bismarck wanted political power to remain in traditional hands, those of the Emperor, ministers and of course…


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