Bismarck and the Unification of Germany

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Economic success in Prussia:

  • industrial production, railway buiding and foreign trade doubled
  • 11,663km of rail was built eventually
  • this helped the army as they could be transported quickly during a war
  • Prussia had a good education system, ranging from primary school up to university
  • good supply of substances, coal, iron and chemicals
  • a better system of communication
  • Alfred Krupp was a great asset for Prussia as he designed the 'needle-gun' which was the forerunner to the machine gun
  • they also developed a banking system
  • at this point, Austria was going through a period of economic disaster

Political developments:

  • Austria suggested a Prussian/Austrian alliance against Russia which upset them so Prussia remained neutral throughout the Crimean War 1854-6
  • in 1858, Frederick William IV was declared insane (as his sanity went downhill) so his brother, William I took over the throne
  • William removed Manteuffel and replaced him with liberal ministers
  • during the 1859 French/Piedmont war against Austria, Austria were defeated. This not only was humiliating for the country but it caused…


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