Bismarck and socialism

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  • in 1869 Babel and Liebknect founded the Social Democratic Workers' Party
  • in 1875, moderate and revolutionary socialists united to form Social Democratic Party (SPD)
  • their main aim was to overthrow whoever was in power
  • but this new party called for nationalisation of banks, coal mines, industry and general social equality


  • Bismarck was very hostile towards socialists
  • described them as a little better than criminals
  • he had overestimated them, they were not that big of a threat
  • in 1877, they increased to 10 seats in Reichstag with over 500,000 votes


  • in 1876, Bismarck tried and failed to pass a bill that would prevent socialist propaganda
  • May 1878 there was an assassination attempt on William I but Bismarck was unable to prove it was the socialists
  • so the National Liberals refused any of Bismarcks anti-socialist bills
  • but after a second attempt, Bismarck made it seem that it the Liberals had initially passed a bill against the socialsts, this wouldn't have happened
  • so he dissolved the Reichstag
  • this move succeeded as the…


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