Birdsong Part 1 Summary

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Part 1 - France 1910 

A01 - why does Faulks provide us with a Part 1? - we as as reader are invested more into the story and its characters (especially Stephen) because we know his backstory. 

Part 1’s pre-war setting provides a contrast to its setting after war - it shows the impact of war and how that place will never be the same as before the place was thriving with nature and beauty.  - Conventional use of nature in war texts was typical as it was seen as a sign of hope/regeneration (poppies in Flanders Fields). However it also shows natures indifference to humans in war as nature continues to live in and after the war.

Language in the introduction of P.1 like “Slumped” foreshadow the bodies in war. Also the repetition of “calm” forebodes the quite eery atmosphere which is idyllic, in contrast to the deafening sounds of war. 

The fisherman also provide a sense of anticipation as well as the “conflicting angles” and “formidable front


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