Topic 3: Biotechnology

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Describe the stages in the production of cloned mamals e.g Dolly the sheep

An egg cell is taken from a Sheep 1

A body cell is taken from a Sheep 2 (Somatic cell)

The egg cell nucleas is taken out (Sheep 1) (Enucleation)

The egg cell nucleas is put into the body cell (The diploid egg cell)

The egg cell then divides because of stimulation by electronic shock

The embryo is put into the uterus of sheep 3

The clone grows into an adult sheep

Describe the risks associated with later embryonic development from cloning

Some clones have malformed brains, kidneys and immune systens

Some show changes to chromosomes seen in older animals (die younger)

Clones are less likely to adapt to an enviromental change

Explore the idea behind selective breeding

Selective breeding can be used to improve the quality of milk from cattle, increase the number of offspring in sheep and increase the yield from wheat…


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