Biosocial approach for gender development

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The biosocial approach looks at two theories which are biological and social. Both of these factors are seen to be as important as eachother in determining behaviour. its thought that the gender of a child is consistent with the way they have been raised, which mainly relies on the parents response to the babys behaviour.

Money and Ehrhardt: They founded the biosocial theory. this theory was an attempt to integrate the influences of nature and nurture. they argued that sex of rearing is the key point in gender development. they predicted that if a genetic male is mislabelled and treated like a girl before the age of  3, they would acquire the gender identitiy of a girl.

Supporting research for this theory:

  • Smith and Lloyd - dressed babies in gender neutral clothing giving them a male or female name. they found that people would act differently with them according to their gender label as a male or female.
  • Bradley - reported on a case of…


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