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Nervous System

  • has two funstions - to collect, process aand respond to informationin the environment & to coordinate the owrking of differnt organs and cellls in the body.
  • has two subsections - central nevous system & peripheral nervous system.
  • The CNS - made up of the spinal cord and brain. In charge of passing messages to and from the brain and connectsnerves to the PNS.
  • The PNS - transmits messages through neurons to and from the CNS. Has two subdivisions - autonomic nervous system and somatic nervous system.
  • Autonmoc nervous system - governs vital functions in the body i.e. brething, heart rate, digestion, sexual arousal and stress.
  • Somatic nervous systems - contols muscle movement and receives information from sensory receptors.

Endocrine System

  • in charge of hormones and glands.
  • works slower than the nervous system.
  • Works together with autonomic nervous system for fight and flight


  • 3 types - motor, sensory and relay

Localisation of function

  • Scientists Broca and Wernicke discovered specific areas assossiated to different functions. They studies people with language difficulties and then their brains when they died. Shwoing that these parts of the brain are in charge of speech and language comprehension.
  • The case of Phineas Gage - worker on the railroad, there was an explosion, a pole went through his left cheek and behind his left eye and out of the skull. He survived but his personality altered, he became quick tempers and aggressive. Suggesting the frontal lobe was in charge of regulating mood.
  • Different parts of the brain:
    • Frontal Lobe - motor processing (movement) and higher thought processing (reasoning)
    • Parietal Lobe - processes sensations from skin and muscles.
    • Occipital Lobe - location of visual processing
    • Temporal Lobe - location for the auditory ability 


  • The idea that the brain works together to recreate damaged parts of the brain? removes parts that aren't being used.
  • Maguire et al (2000) - studied london taxi drivers, found more volume of grey matterin hippocampus than in matched contol groups, altering the structure of the brains.

Split-brain Patients

  • hemispheric lateralisation - the idea…


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