Biology variation

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if one species varies from another = intra specific varation if the same species differ from eachother = interspecific variation  take samples in measurements, the measurements need to be representitive of the population being investigated. = reliable  measurements may not be reliable if unbiased ( due to selection process ) or by chance. best way to remove bias is to have as little human interaction as possible, eg by random sampling use a large sample size. various causes of variation= genetic = often occurs to mutation and differences in people genes, occuring from generation to generation. mutations - may be passed onto next generation meiosis - nucleur division, mixes up genetic material before passed onto the gametes so will get variation  fusion of gametes- in sexual reproduction gametes inherit characteristics from both parent , therefore being different from both of them. fusion is random adding to the variety of offspring.,  variety in asexual reproductions can only vary via mutations  sexual reproduction offers more variety due to mutation, meiosis and fusion of gametes


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