Biology of Gender ~ Genes and Hormones

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Gene; A section of DNA which codes for a particular protein to be synthesised which determines our apperance or behaviour.

Hormone; Is a chemical produced by a gland and transported in the blood stream chaning the way the body functions. 

  • Sex chromosomes dictate the phyiscal differences between males and females.
  • Males have XY chromosomes and females have ** chromosomes.
  • We inherit 23 chromosomes from each parent.
  • Genes are secions of DNA responsible for protein synthesis.
  • The SRY gene is present in males only.
  • Testis determing factor is a protein that cause the testes to form at apporximately 6 to 7 weeks.
  • MIS (antimullerian substance)  is involved in the formation of the male and females reproductive system; but…


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