Biology - Key words and meanings

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Key words and their meanings for the whole of unit 1, enjoy.

  • Metabolism = all chemical reactions in cells, it needs energy through respiration.
  • Respiration = process in our body that releases energy.
  • Metabolic rate = The rate of the chemical reactions (how fast they go) in cells.
  • Malnourished = not having a balanced diet means you're malnourished.
  • Pathogens = disease causing mircoorganisms.
  • Phagocytes = the white blood cells that digest/ingulf microbes.
  • Lympocytes = the white blood cells that produce antibodies.
  • Antitoxins = the chemical subtance produced by white blood cells that counteract the effect of the toxins produced by pathogens in you body.
  • Vaccines = dead or inactive pathogen that encourages your body to produce antibodies.
  • Memory cell = Lympocytes that already have certain antibodies memorised ready for a harmful pathogen.
  • Endocrine = system of glands that release a number of signalling chemical reactions known as hormones.
  • Receptors = specialised cells that detect stimuli on your sense organs (eyes, tongue, nose, ears and skin).


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