Biology IB 2.2

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Structure of a Prokaryotic Cell

  • General size is approximately 1-2 um
  • Lacks any membrane-bound organelles
  • The Ribosomes are smaller than that of a Eukaryotic Cell
  • Flagellate bacteria have the flagellum
  • It has naked DNA (not membrane-bound)
  • The DNA is a continuous circle

Functions of Prokaryotic Organelles

Cell Wall- Made of murein (not cellulose) in a protein/carbohydrate complex (peptidoglycan).

Plasma Membrane- Controls the entry and exit of substances, pumping some of them by active transport.

Ribosome- Smaller, and found free in the cytoplasm, not attached to a membrane (RoughER). Used in protein synthesis (gene expression).

Nucleoid- The region in the cytoplasm that contains the DNA, it…


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