Topic 5: Hormones

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Describe the composition and the transport function of the blood

The blood is separated into 4 different parts. These parts are plasma, red blood cell, white blood cell and platelet(s.) 

Platelets - carries dissolved substances around the body such as carbon dioxide and glucose. It also carries heat energy to warm up the body.

Red Blood Cell - Absorbs oxygen from the aveoli and carries it around the body

White Blood Cell - Fights infections and diseases. Also removes poision, damadged body cells and waste.

Platelet - Causes blood clots to form scabs. Forms a clot using calcium, vitamin K and fibrinogen.

Endocrine System

Explain how hormones act as chemical messages affecting target organs and/or cells

Hormones act as chemical messengers secreted by the glands in the body. Hormones ate secreted directly into the blood and carried around by the plasma. 


Hormones regulate the functions of many cells and organs

The target organ and effects of glands and hormones

GlandHormoneTarget organsEffect adrenal gland adrenalin vital organs, eg liver and heart Prepares body for action - 'fight or flight'. ovary oestrogen ovaries, uterus, pituitary gland Controls puberty and the menstrual cycle in females; stimulates production of LH and suppresses the


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