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Evolution of life

  • Classification is the organisation of living things into group according to their similarities
  • The 5 kingdoms are animalia, plantae, fungi, bacteria and archaea
  • Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and species
  • A species is a group of organisms sharing characteristics which can interbred to produce fertile offspring

Evidence for evolution

  • Fossils show us that there have been other species on earth than the ones we see today, as that they have changed over time
  • We can also see from breeding species, such as dogs, that the characteristics we select can be changed over time
  • These are two lines of evidence for the theory of evolution, but they don’t help us understand how to change happens

Darwin’s deductions

  • Organisms produce more offspring than are able to survive
  • There is variation in the characteristics shown by an organism within a population
  • There is a struggle for survival
  • Those who survive and reproduce will pass on their genes to the next generation

Natural selection

  • Variation exists in the population due to genetic mutation
  • Struggle for survival due to a selection pressure
  • Survival of the fittest to be able to reproduce
  • Advantageous genes and characteristics passed onto to offspring
  • Repeated over generations so most of the population have the successful characteristics



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