Biology AS (1) Heart

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Atrium - Thin wallled, pumps blood to the ventricle only.

Ventricle - Thick walled, pumps blood to the lungs and the rest of the body.

Aorta - Transports oxygenated blood from the left ventricle to the body.

Vena cava - Transports deoxygenated blood from the body to the right atrium.

Pulmonary artery - Transports deoxygenated blood to the lungs from the right ventricle.

Pulmonary Vein - Carries Oxygenated blood from the lungs to the left atrium.

Artial Systole = Atrium contracts. When the pressure is higher in the atrium than the ventricle this forces the atria-ventricular valve open and blood is forced from the atria into the ventricle.

Ventricular Systole = Ventricles contract. When the pressure is higher in the ventricles than that of the arteries, the semi lunar valve opens and blood is forced in the arteries.The AV valves shut and prevent blood flowing back into the atria. Atria starts to fill with blood again.

Diastole = Heart relaxes and fills with blood from…


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