Biology 3

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Biology 3 Revision- Keeping internal conditions constant

  • For the body to work properly the conditions surrounding your cells must stay constant.
  • As you move you produce energy which warms up the body
  • As you respire you produce waste
  • When you digest food you take millions of molecules into your body
  • HOMEOSTASIS- helping to keep the internal environment constant.


  • Cells of the body contantly produce waste products, the products of chemical reactions which take place in cells.
  • The more extreme conditions, the more waste products the cells make
  • Two main poisonous waste products Urea and Carbon Dioxode.

How to remove Carbon Dioxide:

  • C02 is produced during respiration (food molecules break down and release energy to cells)
  • Every cell respires, so every cell produces Carbon Dioxide
  • Dissolved Carbon Dioxide produces an acidic solution which can affect the working enzymes in cells.
  • CO2 moves out of cells into the


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