Biology unit 1 - keeping healthy

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Diet and exercise

  • Healthy diet- one that the right balance of food groups, protein to repair and replace cells and mineral ions ect
  • If a person has unequal amounts of each group the person becomes MALNOURISHED
  • If the intake of energy is more than the amount of energy used in the body then that person becomes over weight
  • if the intake of energy is less than the amount used then that person becomes underweight
  • metabolic rate- the speed at which chemical reactions take place in your cells
  • muscle mass and inheritance can affet metabolic rate
  • Long term obesity can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart attacks and heart failure- can be solved by less of bad food groups and more exercise
  • people who are anorexic suffer from defiency disease e.g iron
  • Good cholestrol needed for your cell membrane but bad cholestrol can lead to heart disease
  • foods rich is saturated fat raise cholestrol level in blood
  • exercise lowers cholestrol
  • Pathogens- harmful microorganisms which cause infectious disease e.g bacteria
  • the


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