Biology unit 1- coordination and control

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Responding to change

  • The nervous system- allows humans to react to their surroundings and coordinates behaviour by external stimulis 
  • receptors detect stimuli e.g in finger tips, eyes, ears and tongue
  • there are light receptors in eye 
  • the CNS coordinates the response (brain and spinal cord)
  • 1) receptor detects stimuli 2) sensory neurone carries electrical impulses to the CNS 3) relay neurone carries the electrical impulses to the synapse and then converts them to chemical impulses so they can travel across the synapse 4)the motor neuron carries the electrical impulses to the effector which is  MUSCLE OR GLAND 5)action e.g pulling away from something or gland releasing hormone :CALLED RELEX ARC
  • FSH made by pituitary gland- causes egg to mature and oestrogen to be produced
  • Oestrogen is produced in


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