biology topic 3

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Mitosis produces: 2 genetically identical diploid somatic daughter cells. Meiosis produces: 4 genetically varied haploid gametes. The stages of mitosis can be remembered using the acronym: IPMATC Cytokinesis is: Literally cell movement. The action by which cells separate. Cytoplasm divides, organelles become equally arranged at opposite ends of the cell. Daughter cells are formed. Mitosis allows: Growth in multicellular organisms, or asexual reproduction in unicellular organisms. What are the thee stages of interphase? G1, S, and G2 In G1 of interphase: The cell undergoes normal metabolic processes - nucleolus contains no condensed chromosomes. In S of interphase: DNA is replicated to form replicate chromosomes. During prophase: Chromosomes condense…


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