BIOLOGY - The Digestive System

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Qick Notes:

  • Undigested food becomes faeces ( food tha hasn't been digested)
  • Digested food will be absorbed throught the small intestine wall and into the bloodstream

What is digestion?

Digestion is the breakdown of large, insoluable (wont dissolve) molecules into small, soluable (will dissolve) molecules.

There are two types of Digestion:

  • 1. Mechanical digestion - physical breackdown, e.g. chewing and churning
  • 2. Chemical digestion - enzymes

The Journey Of Baked Beans:


  • Chewing with teath: Mechanical, crusing food, larger sufface area, benifit for enzymes (increases contact between enzyme and substrate)
  • Saliva: released into the mouth from salivary glands and contains amylase
  • Tounge: Muscle, will mix food (baked beans with slaiva)
  • Amylase: in saliva, breaks down the starch into sugars


  • Food id swallowed and travels down…


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