Biology revison Notes

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Dendrites- Connect the nerve cells together.

Axon- Carries implues through the nerve cell

Synapses- Pass implues between the nerve cell and the muscle cell

Special Protiens- Slide over each other to help the fibres contract.

Mitochondria-Transfers energy for chemical reactions so the cells can contract and relax.

Glyocogen storage- Broken down and used in celluar respiration by the mitochondira.

Long tail- Helps it move

Mitochondria-energy source for the cell helps the tail move.

Nucleus- Contain the gentic information of the cell

Acrosome- contains digestive emezys to help break down the outer layer of the egg.

Root hair cells-Helps take up water and mineral ions more efficiently.

Always close to the xylem tissue

mineral ions moved into the root hair cell by active transport.

Increase surface area so more water can come in

Permanent vacuole speeds up osmosis from soil into cell its kind of like sap like the spine of the cell.

Mitochondira-transfers energy needed fro active transport of mineral ions into the cell.


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