Biology mitosis

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Mitosis and the cell cycle: 

Body cells in multicellular organisms divide to produce new cells as a part of a series of stages called the cell cycle. The cell cycle starts when a cell has been produced by cell division and ends with the cell dividing to rpoduce two identical cells. It can be sumerised as a stage of cell growth and DNA replicaton, followed by a stage of cell division. 

Mitosis - When a cell reproduces itself by splitting to form two identical cells (offspring)

Multucellular organisms use mitosis to grow and develop or replace dead cells or cells which have been damaged. The end of the cell cycle results in two new cells, identical, to the original cell, with the same number of chromosomes.

Celly cycle, what happend?

1. The cell thats not dividing, the DNA is all spread out in long strings.

2. Before it divides, the cell has to grow and increase the amount of


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