Biology Keeping Healthy

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Keeping Healthy

Seven things for a healthy diet:

- Carbs - provide energy for the day - pasta ,rice,noodles, breas

-water- keeps you hydrated and healthy

- minerals and vitamins- keeps body healthy - fruits, vegetables

- protein - growth and repair of and muscles - fish, eggs and cheese, beans,

-fibre- helps digestion - bran, oats, wholegrain bread

-fat - Insulate bodies and provides energy - crisps , chocolate, butter

Lack of food can lead to

- becoming underweight

-deficiency diseases


People who are very thin or who are very obese suffer from deficiency diseases because they are intaking too little energy or too much as a result of them not having a balanced diet.

Consequences of eating an unbalanced diet

- type ii diabetes

- obesity



Anorexia is a mental illness which makes a person have a strong desire to be thin.

Balanced diet is a diet which intakes the correct amounts each food group

Metabolic rate is the rate at which chemical processes take place in the body

Health Problems linked to Obesity

- arthritis

- Type 2 diabetes

If you take in more energy than


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