Biology binary fission

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Binary fission 

Prokaryotic cell replication: 

Prokaryotic cells such as bacteria, replicte by a type of simple cell division called binary fission. In binary fission, the cell makes copies of its genetic material (information), before splitting into two daughter cells. 

Process of binary fission:

1. The circular DNA and plasmid(s) replicate. 

2. The cell gets bigger and the two circular DNA strands move to oppisite 'poles' (ends) of the cell. 

3. The cytoplasm begins to divide and a new cell wall begins to form. 

4. The cytoplasm divides and two daughter cells are produceed. Each daughter cell has one copy of the circular DNA, but can have a variable number of copies of the plasmid(s)

Conditions of binary fission:

Bacteria can divide very quickly if


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