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Photosynthesis may sound like a big word, but it's actually pretty simple.  You can divide it into two parts:  "Photo" is the Greek word for "Light," and "synthesis," is the Greek word for "putting together," which explains what photosynthesis is.  It is using light to put things together.  You may have noticed that all animals and humans eat food, but plants don't eat anything.  Photosynthesis is how plants eat.  They use this process to make their own food.  Since they don't have to move around to find food, plants stay in one place, since they can make their food anywhere as long as they have three things.

The three things are Carbon Dioxide, Water, and Light.  You have probably heard of Carbon dioxide.  It is a chemical that is in the air.  Every time you breathe in, you breath in a bunch of chemicals in the air, including oxygen and carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is also one


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