Biological, psychological & cognitive explanations of gambling addiction

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Biological explanations for gambling:

The biological explanation argues that addiction is essentially an illness. A person becomes physiologically dependent on gambling in order to function in their daily lives. An underlying physiological abnormality predisposes the individual to becoming addicted

Initiation due to genes .Certain gene-D2A1 found in pathological gamblers. Impulsivity. Study showed ADHD linked to gambling.

Liebman & Cooper: Addicts may have more sensitive dopamine pathways so feel more reward. May therefore maintain the act. May get used to the act and feel they need their "daily fix" just to survive.

Maintenance: raises levels of dopamine so person feels pleasure. Also activates fight or flight response and person may get hooked to adrenaline release.-Addictive

Grosset et al found that dopamine agonists use to treat Parkinson's disease patients, led to 10% becoming pathological gamblers. Supports idea dopamine linked to gambling addiction. However Only 10%, if biological, why not all?




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