Biological explanation of unipolar depression: Monoamine Hypothesis

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The Monoamine Hypothesis-Biological explanation

Monoamines-group of neurotransmitters-serotonin, norepinephrine (noreadrenaline) and dopamine

Serotonin regulates other neurotransmiters, without regulation, eratic brain functioning and thinking patterns. Low levels can produced low levels of noreprinephrine  

Noreprinephrine is required for alertness, energy, anxiety and attention to life. 

Some antidepressants can be used to increase levels of noreprinephrine. Others are used to increase levels of Dopamine,

Dopamine is related to the ability to show attention and motivation, to feel pleasure and reward.

The treatment drug is matched to the symptoms of depression, whichever symptom is presented, a drug will be chosen to…


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