Biological expl AN

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  • Serotonin correlation: Disturbances in serotonin levels linked to AN underactive serotonin parthways reduction serotonin correlation low levels and AN 
  • Bailer et al, serotonin and anxiety: Women recovering restricting type and binge with healthy control.s Higher serotonin activity most anxiety. Disruption trigger AN. Symptom of AN is heightened anziety in relation to food. 
  • Determinstic: biological makeup predisposed no control over, no explaination why low levels limiting understanding making it unclear sertonin is the cause 
  • Not effect: SSRI's not effective. theory seems to be incorrect drugs balance serotonin levels, less anxiety yet does not work. implying not just serotonin levels 
  • Kage at el insensitive receptors: PET scans, fewer serotonin receptors in brains of people ED and in recovered AN cause of insenstive receptors not low levels of chemical it self.
  • Prevent relapses: Evidence that it is a key factor 
  • Dopamine: Kaye et al PET compared 10 recovering AN and healthy overactivity of…


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