Biological Approach

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  • Model assumes mental disorders related to change in your body. (like physical disorders) caused by:genes, biochemistry,neuroanatomy and viral infection
  • genetic inheritance: Look at twins looking at if they both have disorder. provides concordance rate (individuals are similar on particular trait) Low=phobias, high=schizophrenia. Genes product of evolutionary adaptations of ancestors.
  • Genes tell body to function. hormones and neurotransmitters is biochemistry, high seratonin and anxiety, low levels=depressed. Genes deterimine brain structure is neuroanatomy. Schizophrenics large ventricles in brain, showing shrinken brain tissue.
  • Schizophrenia may be related to exposed viruses e.g.utero. TORREY (2001) mothers of schizophrenics had strain of influenza when pregnant. Virus entered child brain and effects during puberty, other…


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