Biological Treatment for OCD


Drug Therapy

Way of treating OCD. Drug therapy consists of drugs which aim to increase the neurotransmitters level of serotonin in the brain. 

1) One drug treatment used to treat OCD includes SSRI. For example, prozac (fluxoxetine).

2) In a healthy individual, the pre synaptic neuron releases serotonin from the vesicles into the synaptic gap. 

3) The post synaptic neuron absorbs the serotonin.

4) However in an OCD patient, the post synaptic neuron is too slow at absorbing the serotonin and the pre synaptic reabsorbs the chemical. This leads the individual with too little serotonin.

5) SSRI's work by blocking the pre-synaptic neuron from reabsorbing the serotonin giving the post synaptic neuron chance to absorb it. 

6) Once the effect of the SSRI's wear off down regulation occurs where the pre synaptic neuron floods serotonin into the synaptic gap. 

7) The whole process starts again.

Other drugs include tricyclics and SNRI's but these have more severe side effects. They work in the same way.



  • There are research evidence to support the effectiveness of drug therapy. E.G. Julien


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