Biography of Ho Chi Minh and the ICP

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Ho Chi Minh and the ICP


  • Born in Vietnam in 1890
  • His father Nguyen Huy was employed by the French as a teacher
  • Nguyen refused to learn the French language and lost his job, forcing him to travel and offer his services to peasants (usually writing letters and providing medical care)
  • As a nationalist Nyguyen taught children to resist the rule of the French
  • Ho Chi Minh's sister was also employed by the French Army, from whom she stole weapons.
  • She was imprisoned for life by French forces
  • Nguyen sent Ho Chi Minh to a French speaking school in order to prepare him for a battle against France
  • Ho Chi Minh was also a school teacher for a short period of time
  • This allowed him to travel to many countries, where the French Empire dominated
  • Ho lived in Paris and discovered left-wing literature and eventually supported Communism
  • In December 1920, Ho became a member of the French Communist Party when it was formed
  • He was inspired by the Russain Revolution and in 1924 he visited the Soviet Union.
  • When in Moscow


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