Biogas Generators

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Using biogas generators

Not all biogas generators are the same

There are two main types of biogas generator- batch generators and continuous generators.

Batch Generators make biogas in small batches. They're manually loaded up with waste, which is left to digest, and the by-products are cleared away at the end of each session.

Continuous Generators make biogas all the time. Waste is continuously fed in, and biogas is produced at a steady rate. Continuous generators are more suited to large-scale biogas projects.

Both types of generator need to have the following:

1) An inlet for waste material to be put in

2) An outlet for the digested material to be removed through

3) An outlet so that the biogas can be piped to where it's needed.

Four factors to consider when designing a generator:

COST: Continuous generators are more expensive than batch ones, because waste has to be mechanically pumped in and digested material has to be mechanically removed all the time.

Convenience: Batch generators are


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