Bio - 2.1 (25) - Coenzymes and Prosthetic Groups

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2.1 (25) - Coenzymes and Prosthetic Groups

Charlotte Jones

What are Cofactors?

  • A cofactor is any substance that must be present in an ezyme for it to be able to function at an appropriate rate.
  • Cofactors that are part of the enzyme are called; prosthetic group.
  • Cofactors that affect the enzyme temporarily are called; coenzymes and inorganic ion cofactors.


  • Small organic, non-protein molecues that bind to an enzyme for a short period to the active site.
  • In many reactions, they take part and are changed in some way.
  • They can then be recycled to be used again.
  • The role of coenzymes is often to carry chemical groups between enzymes so they link…


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