BIO2017: Lecture 1

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Mycorrhiza- symbiotic relationship between a fungus and a plant- e.g. tree roots

Fungus provides plants with greater nutrient uptake (particularly phosphate)- protection from dessication and disease 

Causation of disease:

  • Irish potatoe famine- caused by phytophthora infestans

microorganisms make some of most potent toxins

Botulinum toxin- 6 million times more potent than rattlesnake poison- probably most toxic substance known

paralyzes muscle- commonly used in cosmetic therapy- botox

Archaea and bacteria are found everywhere there is:

  • water
  • energy source
  • C, N, P, S etc..
  • reasonable physiochemical limits- temperature, pH, salt concs.

Ecological characteristics:

  • live almost anywhere with liquid water
  • occur in large numbers
  • most bacterial cells are relatively small 
  • species diversity v. large and growing
  • roughly 35 phyla…


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