Bio1 Buzz words(phases to say to gain marks) jun2011 PP

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1. Describe how you would use a biochemical test to show that a reducing sugar is present.

  • Add benedicts test and heat 
  • If a red precipate/colour forms, a reducing sugar is present 

2. Some people have used the graph to conclude that a high percentage of fat in the diet causes breast cancer.  Evaluate this conclusion.

  • Correlation does not prove causation 
  • Relate to graph: postive correlation 
  • Against  that point: Different death rates at same fat 

3. Emphysema reduces the efficiency of gas exchange in the lungs.  Explain why

  • Reduces surface area
  • Less alveoli 
  • Less diffusion 
  • Reduced flow rate 
  • Alveoli do not recoil 


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