Bio Key Question

What are the implications for society if aggression is found to be caused by nature not nurture?

Aggression in humans might come from nature (bio factors) or nurture (environmental factors). People may act aggressively for some biological causes or may act aggressively in response to something in the environment.

If a behaviour is caused by environmental factors then someone can choose not to behave in the way, they can perhaps choose to avoid environments that are likely to trigger aggressive behaviour.

If behaviour comes from someone's nature it is more difficult to prevent/treat. Hormones can be changed, but genetics can't.

If the aggression does come from nature then people must learn to control it, so they can be blamed for not being in control rather than for innate aggression - we cannot hold someone fully responsible as they cannot fully 'help' it.

Anxiety and depression get attention from society and are treated, whereas anger and aggression are punished. However, it could be argued that all are linked to emotions and if one emotion is treated and brings sympathy…


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