Biggest Threat to the Weimar Republic?

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Threat 3: The Kapp Putsch, 1920


Freikorps units, led by Wolfgang Kapp.


In 1920 the government ordered that the Freikorps brigades be disbanded. It had little need for them now that left-wing groups had been crushed.


Around 12,000 Friekorps marched to Berlin. The government was forced to flee. The Freikorps put forward Kapp as the new leader of Germany. 


Kapp and the Freikorps failed to win much support. In Berlin workers went on strike.

Threat 4: The Munich Putsch 1923


The Nazi Party (led by Adolf Hitler) and General Ludendorff (a popular First World War hero who had been involved in the Kapp Putsch). The Nazis had 55,000 members and their


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