Big Bang (Edexcel P1)

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The Big Bang Theory

George Gamov was one of the main contributors to the Big Bang Theory.

According to the Big Bang:

  • The Universe is expanding
  • Is finite and everchanging.
  • Was created around 14 Billion Years ago (Like the beginning of The Big Bang Therory TV show themetune)
  • The Universe may have an end, depending on its density.

The Big Bang was a extremely hot, dense explosion from which space, time and everything we know today began... It caused the Universe to expand and made every galaxy in the universe move away from each other.

In the first few seconds after The Big Bang, matter in the form of Hydrogen and Helium nuclei was produced, somuch that about 25% of the matterin the Universe is Helium.

The Big Band theory is currently…


Miss KHP


This is good for Edexcel but also for other specifications including AQA. It is nice and simple and breaks it up into small sections. They do ask in the exams sometimes evidence for the Big Bang theory- so do have a read!



I'm about to take my edexcel physics exam, this is very helpful to me as this subject seems to come up a lot in all the past papers.