Bhakti Movement

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                                    BHAKTI MOVEMENT

The word bhakti from the root word bhaj which means to love,to sacrifice,to participate and to devote.Bhakti movement is characterized by the writings of its poet-saints,many of whom were women,that extolled passionate devotional love for The Divine.

  • Bhakti movement gained momentum during the 12the century in the Central Western regions of India and later moved northward coming to an end roughly near the 17th Century.


  • Before the rise of The Bhakti Cult,Hinduism had become such a difficult religion that saints like Kabir Das and Guru Nanak were already attempting to save this religion through meditation.However due to lack of accessibility to meditation,the efforts of the Natha Cult and Guru Nanak went in vain leading to conversions.
  • Hinduism had become a religion that was regulated by rites and rituals that were costly,rigid and meaningless. The priestly classes were misusing their power to misguide the masses…



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