Berlin 1958-62

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  • while West Germany underwent an 'economic miracle' in the 1950s, East Germany struggled to present itself as a meaningful, independent state
  • the failure of the EG government to win over its own people was shown by the growing number of people going across the iron curtain into the prosperous west Berlin
  • by 1958, Khrushchev had decided firmer action was required to shore up the eastern bloc
  • he issued an ultimatum to the west that called for the removal of all occupying forces in Berlin
  • Khrushchev wanted Berlin to become a free city
  • the west were unwilling to give up west berlin because of the immense propaganda value in undermining the socialist bloc
  • thus Khrushchev's ultimatum resulted in another crisis over berlin
  • it was only after Eisenhower invided K to the USA that K dropped the ultimatum
  • the ultimatum was renewed in June 1961 when K met Kennedy at the Vienna Summit
  • when Kennedy made it evident he wasn't going to relinquish west…


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