Benevolent God

  • If God knows everything and is omnipotent can he be benevolent?
  • There is this struggle: if God is in control is he responsible for the evil in our world? Surely an all powerful God would intervene if he was good?
  • If God has limited knowledge and omnipotence then humans are allowed free will. If they didnt have free will would it be fair for humans to be punished?
  • N Geisler says that if our choices are predetermined that makes God immoral and us amoral 
  • However this does not really fit with the traditional judaeo-christian idea of God. 
  • Is it possible to believe in an all good God who punishes?
  • YES = if no punishment, would be doing an injustice to those affected by wrongdoers and God is presented as a just God. If evil people were allowed in heaven, heaven cannot really be good…


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